Issues We Face Together

Where Eric Carlson Stands

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Crime Scene
Fuel Prices

Crime - Gun Violence

Defeat Crime at the Source

1) Create Good Paying Jobs

2) Raise the Standard of Living in High Crime Areas

3) Stop Excusing Criminal Behavior

4) Support Law Enforcement

5) Hold Prosecutors Liable Federally

Cost of Living

Fuel Prices Affect Everything

1) Get Back to Energy Independence

2) Everything you buy in Transported

3) Cut Inflation by Limiting Spending and Money Printing by the Fed

4) Increase Income by Limiting Legal Immigration

5) Secure the Southern Border from Illegal Migrants

Chinese Sailors
Russia - Kremlin (Photo by Steve Harvey)

Communist Chinese Threat

America's True Existential Crisis

1) Cancel U.S. Debt to China

2) Expel Chinese Nationals

3) Ban American Businesses from China

4) Counter Hyper-Sonic Missiles

5) Build Strong Counter Alliances

6) Harden our Electrical Grid

7) Bring all Manufacturing Back the North America

Russian Expansion

Putin Wants an Empire

1) Economic Sanctions

2) Close Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

3) Show Undeniable Strength and Military Resolve

4) Be prepared to Fight and Win

5) NATO Must Stand United

6) Be Prepared for Cyber and other Attacks on the U.S.

7) Back Ukraine

Criminal Justice Reform
School Bus & Children

Criminal Justice Reform

Truly Equal Justice Under the Law

Eric Carlson is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many people in the 1st District. 

1) DOJ Investigations of 1st District Courts

2) DOJ Investigations of State's Attorney's Offices

3) Improved & Extensive Police Training and increased budgets

4) Civilian Auxiliary Police to augment Police Departments and improve Police-Citizen interaction

5) End the Wrongful Convictions in which Cook County Leads the Nation


Children and Parents First - Not Teachers Unions

1) School Choice and Vouchers for All Students

2) Dismantle Teachers Unions

3) School Boards Answer to Parents

4) No Federal Interference with Local Matters

5) Ban Critical Race Theory in Schools

6) Revamp Basic Curriculum at the National Level

Southern Border Wall
Lake View


Stop Breaking Our Laws!

1) Secure the Southern Border

2) Partner with Mexico to fix the Issue

3) Six Months for All Illegals to Sell their Property and remove themselves from the U.S.

4) Immediate Deportation after Six Months

5) Government Officials to be held Criminally Liable for Breaking Immigration Law

The Environment

Stop the Fearmongering 

1) Historically the Climate Always Changes

2) Follow the Money - Beware Profiteers

3) Continue the Carbon Emissions Decrease from the Trump Administration

4) Expand Nuclear and Natural Gas Usage as we develop new Clean Technologies

Woman & Doctor


Lower Taxes Increase Revenues!

1) Lower Corporate Taxes

2) Lower / Flat Income Tax

3) Simplify Tax Codes

4) Reduce the Number of IRS Agents

Health Care

Stop Fed Micro-Management

1) Keep the Federal Government Out 

2)Let the Market and Competition set Prices

3) State Programs of Pro Bono Care by Licensed Healthcare Providers