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Not the Candidate You Want, The Candidate You Need

For far too long those in power, politicians, big-tech, and the media have attempted to divide the American people......We can stop this divisiveness together! 

The only way America will survive is by the American People realizing that we are all in this together.

My name is Eric Carlson and I am asking for your support as I run for Congress in Illinois' 1st District.

  • Term Limits - Congressional Reform

  • Border Security - End Illegal Immigration

  • Energy Independence

  • School Choice

  • Lower Individual & Corporate Taxes

  • Dismantle Corrupt Federal Agencies

  • End Opioid Epidemic

  • Defeat China Economically & Technologically

  • Hold Accountable All Corrupt Politicians & Bureaucrats

  • Restore American's Individual Liberties

  • Destroy Drug Cartels/Trafficking 


Are YOU In the NEW 1st District??

Check the Interactive Map to see if you are in the new gerrymandered 1st District

Illinois Democrats continue to drive people from the state with their idiotic policies, and we lose Congressional seats.  Then the same Democrats re-draw the electoral map and give themselves a 3-seat swing!  Although Republicans make up over 40% of Illinois voters, the re-districting gives us only 18% representation.  This is the definition of Taxation Without Representation and is unconstitutional.


Carlson 4 America

One People - One America - No Bullshit!

This is a campaign to unite the citizens of Illinois' 1st Congressional district using common sense, logic, reason, and shared values.



4 Wild Plum Ct. Lemont, IL. 60439

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